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We haven't closed up shop, for one thing and I wouldn't mislead anyone into believing that the mod is still alive if it wasn't. The truth is, as slow going as things are, progress is still being made. I've already put together a demo.pk3 that contains the necessary assets for a demo release and I've picked up the remaining narshada textures and menu graphics that are the only major components missing for a full-scale demo release.

If you check the DFMod forums you'll also see that I've also mirrored links to screenshots of the weapons and there have been major internal developments (of course until things are confirmed, I'm not willing to discuss those developments openly). I've also been in contact with prospective new team members who could potentially help speed up the mapping, textures, and skinning end of the mod.

That being said, if you really feel the need to start your own version of the game, best of luck to you.

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