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Ps3 is the better system, eh? I'm not a rabid fan boy of the Xbox but here it goes:

Why the Xbox 360 PWNZ ps3 :

-The Online is not free, but $50 bucks is more than worth it
-Major game titles releases almost every month, unlike th ps3
-Has 120 GB capacity ( you may never need that much space anyway)
-Is $50 bucks cheaper than the Ps3, which you can use it for a year of online gaming
-Online Tournaments held basically each month
-Arcade gaming if you want to go old school
-The Wii is much better than the Ps3 too
-Ps3 prices went down at the price of backwards compatibility, one of the good things the system had going for it
-Loading in the Ps3 takes forever

Etc, etc

The only games I would play on it would be Resistance (mediocre), MGS 4, Uncharted (no multiplayer) and Haze.

Thats just my opinion (I don't like Microsoft too much, I just think this console is the best on the market)

But lets get back on topic now plz...

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