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So let me see if I got his right...

10 - Sh|tty camera angles.
09 - Crawling sequences, "only for owners of extremely bite-trace-resistant keyboards", and "Our opinion: Creeps you, creeping sequences!". Well said!
08 - Hidden and useless hotspots. I like useless hotspots, especially if they result in humour.
07 - Slow-ass and boring stories. Something about George Washington cutting down the tree to free Laverne in the future makes the author moist in his special places. "Extreme case weak story: Fahrenheit - begins strongly, becomes absurdly, very absurd".
06 - Stupid mini-games that are, and I cite, "as unnecessary as chocolate sauce on a bloody steak". Those Germans and their silly little sayings. Gotta love them.
05 - Sleep-inducing dialogue, "Monkey Iceland" and the game with the chick from The X-Files is okay. "Lead deserts with the dynamics of sleeping turtles" is not okay.
04 - Confusing inventory system, I have no idea what the rest says.
03 - ""goes so for nicht!", logical solutions to puzzles that you can't use because the developer didn't think of it.
02 - Runaway syndrome, "everything look at", "everything notice". Hokay, is this the one where you can get stuck in the game because you DIDN'T pick up something?
01 - Illogical puzzles. And then they use Monkey Island 2 as an example. I thought the bone dance was perfectly logical, but maybe the GERMANS have a difference kind of logic. >:

Am I close?
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