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I may get flamed for this, but I play TSL heavily modded. The last time I played through, here's the list:
1) I chose Sentinel/Watchman.
2) The <Full name's> robe mod, which was found in the room, on the Harbinger. (Mod of course, and which one depends on the situation, because one gave additional persuasion, the other was more for fighting.) And the other other gear found in the same container.
3) I used two weapons, almost always, usually swords. At first I used one prototype vibro sword, one prototype vibroblade, with one pair for people, the other for droids. The sabers, again two, one to do major damage, the other to deflect.
4) I like nimen, Soresu, and a couple others, depending on the situation.
5) I use almost all LS Force powers, I prefer Destory Droids, Force Wave, Force Confusion, and Stasis Field. I like using stealth, Force Confusion and then Stasis Field to get my enemies to kill each other, without me getting in the middle of the hassle, all the time. Does better with human enemies than with droids. Maybe add something for droids as mod, or even KOTOR III?

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