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To be honest, it took me like 10 years to "crack" the "if this is three what is this" puzzle on Scabb Island in Monkey 2. When I replayed it the fourth time. I fianlly started drawing the hand that guy was showing because I thought he was showing it in different ways.

Then, like one page of drawing hands later I suddenly recognised "a pattern" and I was like ... WTF? JOOOOOUUUNES!!

When I first played the game I ended up working around that thing using savegames, after one week of failing to recognise that unbelievable cheap "code".

Haha, what an idiot! XD

Also, regarding that bone song -- I notice that Guybrush wrote down the song text, but he wrote it down in that dream, and to me it wasn't logical that it was available in real life then. It needed quite a while to find this text because of that.

Or did I miss something?

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