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Originally Posted by elTee
Try watching this. It's quite old now but it's an interesting idea, certainly fun when thinking about the nature of reality.
As I was watching that I thought, hey this seems just like Flatland (The narrator then goes on to present a portion of it practically verbatim!). Flatland deals with explaining multiple spacial dimensions rather than arbitrary "infinities". It's well worth reading if you can find it although the first half is a bit of a slog.

Originally Posted by Kroms
True. But then again we've only been here for a few million and we're yet to evolve even more. I wonder if we'll adapt though?
I'm no expert, but it seems to me that humans as a race wont evolve anymore (until society collapses anyhow). Evolution is a process which progressively makes changes to an organism so that it better suits it's environment. Human beings posses the ability to change their environment to better suit them. This means that if somebody's genes have mutated outside the norm then they will be less suited to the environments we have created for ourselves.

I know alot of people who are way smarter than me disagree but I've never seen an explanation of why.

You mean the way the sea stays steady as a rock and the buildings keep washing up and down? Yes I thought that was odd.

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