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My first impressions

I decided to start my navigation through the forum here, and this is my first post. I played and completed KOTOR I back in August of last year, and was completely hooked from my first minute into the game until the last. I'm not an avid gamer, so this was a major time investment for me. I also am married with 2 little ones, work full time, and I'm getting my MBA full time as well, so it's difficult to find time to squeeze in for video games... but man this was well worth it.

I believe the story line is as good as, if not better than, the movies. It really is awesome. And I informed my wife that she has some competition with Bastila.

I'm about to start KOTOR II/TSL this weekend. I know there's been a long gap, but I finally will have some time to dedicate while I am out of town on a business trip. I hope to dedicate a good 40-50 hours to the game while I'm there, and potentially complete it during the trip. I am seriously so pumped!
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