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There's nothing wrong with wikipedia in general, there is something rotten to the bone with its articles. After a while, a well-written article will crumble under the rivalry of the users contributing to it, who are trying to constantly outdo each other by posting more and more technical, unusable information. For someone that's interested in knowledge, and especially -since we're in the information age - garnering a lot of good knowledge at a fast rate and on my own, I can both praise and shun wikipedia.

Some articles however short are great. Good and easy to read, lots of practical and easy-to-understand information that you can use and learn whether you've never dealt with the subject or have been studying it for longer. But then... there are others. Most mathematics and science articles can vouch for me. Seriously, it took me 3 days to understand the concept of a mathematical plane. 3 days. The penny didn't really start rolling until I "made" a plane in a fun little physics game.

Looking back at the article with new knowledge, it's easy to understand. But for young autodidacts I recommend the random, Web 1.0 HTML websites that wiki users use as reference or books. At least until this techno-babble fad as Tanqexe called it goes away.

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