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@Zerimar Nyliram: The first two warnings should be fine. (That is when it's installing them into the override, not when it's modding the appearance.2da and heads.2da files. IIRC, that is.) The third warning I'm unsure about...What else did it say about 950COR.git? Though, I think that I may know what the problem is.

@Darth_Raptura: If you'd rather not have the other Jedi around the room, you could simply remove the .utc files that begin "knight_".


* All the seats should be filled
* See what I said to Darth_Raptura
* Err...Did you not see the two guards behind you turn their sabers on?
* I told the lightsabers to turn off on Master Kavar's line after you leave the room. I, then, assume that the script, which should've turned them off, simply didn't fire correctly.

I'll try to fix all these problems with version 1.1; Thanks for all the feedback, though.

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