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Originally Posted by neon_git
I'm no expert, but it seems to me that humans as a race wont evolve anymore (until society collapses anyhow). Evolution is a process which progressively makes changes to an organism so that it better suits it's environment. Human beings posses the ability to change their environment to better suit them. This means that if somebody's genes have mutated outside the norm then they will be less suited to the environments we have created for ourselves.
People who live in Africa have noses that are flatter than, say, mine. This is because of all the dust, and they have had to adapt to breathing in less of it. The nostrils are thus shut-in, as a process of human evolution/adaptation.

You raise a good point on us changing the environment...but at some point it'll get out of our hands. Say a nuclear war broke-out: we're essentially screwed. This is Frankenstein's monster. We can't keep on changing nature because it'll cream us.

Originally Posted by elTee
That said I know what you mean. I guess it's just that the variations are so small, and happen so slowly, that it won't be easily visible as a mutation at an individual level. But then suddenly in a few thousand years we'll all be a different shape or something.
I forgot where I read this, but apparently humanity is just the first step in a long chain of evolution. If our species survives long enough, our great X 100^(million zeroes) will be the start of an even newer species. Man my great x 100^(million zeroes) grandson will be Wolverine! :P

Originally Posted by Thrik
The only real way to survive is to simply get the hell out of here.

This all being said, I do believe in God and I'm religious. I'm not saying ZOMG evolution is wrong or anything, I could write for days about this (I've done some of my homework) but I still find it oh-so annoying that science will now replace God. Ask half of the people who say that what that means and they say they have no clue. 90% of the "scientific" population are in it for the orgies, I guess.

But that's just me.
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