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I'm curious if anyone else is like me, and really only has the opportunity & time to play K1 and K2 once, each. Maybe I should pose the question this way - if you could only play one time, which class would you choose?

I chose LS Guardian for K1, and I'm about to start K2 (tomorrow). I can't seem to bring myself to be anything else, so I'm thinking I'll be LS Guardian again for K2, and then choose weapons master.

Originally Posted by The Padawan
it is better , a good combination is first Guardian and then Jedi Master or Sith lord because first you train your self in feats and then in the force , i think this one of the best combinations
Sorry to double-post; I just read this post from Padawan. That's an interesting idea... I might just do that for K2. Anyone else have experience with this method? I can really only play one time so I want to make the best of it.
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