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"Listen, I have powerful friends in the Free Systems who can pay you very well to help us. Whatever the Tanarians have offered, they'll double it." He told the bounty hunter. "It's your choice, but I strongly advise to consider what the Free Systems can offer you."

"As a matter of face, they have contacted me. The same day the Tanarians did. Their offer wasn't double the tanarians money, it was actually a little bit less, but still...a lot of money!" Tale paused "Since there are lot of money it doesn't really matters to me, which ever I choose I'll be rich. Haha! However I can accompany you to the Free Systems. Because the diffrence is, I'll probably live longer if I take you to the Free Systems, because, let's face it! They'll kill me when I bring you to the Tanarians so their fancy captains can get the credit for capturing you. So truth to be life is worth more than a few Tanarian sovereigns. That is, if you want my help...if you don't I take my chances and bring you to the Tanarians. It's your choice!"
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