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K1: Soldier/Guardian - Feats. Lots and lots of nifty feats, and when I'm already a Jedi, I would often choose force powers with no armor restriction. When I get threatened by a petty group of thugs, I snap and then attack them. Donning heavy armor and double-bladed lightsaber with HoTG crystal, Solari/Upari combination, casting Insanity on the hapless fools, and then hacking them to pieces while they cower in their force-induced fear. SLASH! 150 XP GAINED PER THUG AND I CAN LOOT THEIR CORPSES FOR BARAGWIN ASSAULT BLADES AND 1000 CREDITS! Oh yeah...

(Bear with me on K2. It's been a LONG time since I've played it, so I might not remember EVERYTHING about the Prestige classes.)
K2: Guardian/Weapon Master OR Guardian/Master - Feats, of course, and if I ever become a Jedi Master, I can nuke them with every high-level force power I've got while I hack them to bits with my lightsaber. If I become a Weapon Master, however, I get myself tons of combat feats and I can kill them before they ever counterattack. Hehehe...

Did I mention that I ALWAYS play Light Side, making my character a bloodthirsty savior? Repetitive playthrough, I know...
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