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Missions are supposed to be instanced, but I agree that I don't want to deal with the abject stupidity that I find in town. I usually turn off the local channel in town to avoid listening to the "OMG, let's get our characters to f***!!one11!!one!". If the world is persistent, I'll have to listen to it to make sure some idiot isn't coming up behind me to do something stupid "Oh, there's a n00b!! Let's get the monsters to mob them and watch them die!!" I don't like my game experience ruined repeatedly by 12 year old idiots who have nothing better to do than ruin things for people. Since Anet apparently doesn't like to deal with problems reported to them (I reported a mission bug the other day. The response was--and I'm not kidding--'report it on one of the fansites we watch'), I'm not feeling too sanguine about them taking care of problem children and griefers.

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