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Here's some new from the Microsoft front this time:

Gates slips up? Windows 7 in '09?
^ Interesting stuff, especially when you look at my next bit of news as well.
Vista has gone wrong in two major points IMO: 1) The god-knows-how-many different versions of it, and 2) The whole Vista-ready debacle.
When Win 7 comes it should be like XP, one "Home" version and a "Pro" one, or one "Lite" (for low-spec or low demanding computing) and one "Uber" version...Learn from Linux and try and reduce all the installation cr*p to a minimum, speed up boot time, comprehensive driver support from the start (I know it's not totally Microsoft's responsibility, but the Ubuntu "just works" theory is quite catchy, and could earn MS some points if they play it right)
With SSDs on the rise, load times should be dropping soon anyways, but making OSes and apps less bloated can certainly make things even better that way.

WinXP just won't die!
^ I don't see Windows complaining about this though...Fact of the matter is: there's absolutely nothing wrong with XP, it's stable, mature and on most modern PCs it'll run extremely smooth...So as long as the actual need for Vista isn't there, or it doesn't offer any significant benefits over XP, it might end up like WinME and just be overshadowed when Win7 comes. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

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