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Originally Posted by stoffe
What has seriously changed GW2 from my "must buy" to "wait and see" list is that they've made the world persistent rather than instanced, in effect making it more like traditional MMOs. This is a huge step back in my opinion, and I can only hope it does not ruin the game.
It is sad to hear that GW is going with more 'traditional' non-instanced play.

Originally Posted by stoffe
The instanced game world allows you to play at your own pace and style with the people of your own choosing, and things will (mostly) be where you expect them to. It also makes the game blissfully free from the idiots who enjoy ruining the experience for other players by confining meeting them to towns where they can't do very much.
I agree... it is what made me try DDO. (Of course they also had "No grind" on the DDO box but that was utter bollux! )

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
Missions are supposed to be instanced, but I agree that I don't want to deal with the abject stupidity that I find in town. I usually turn off the local channel in town to avoid listening to the "OMG, let's get our characters to f***!!one11!!one!".

Since Anet apparently doesn't like to deal with problems reported to them (I reported a mission bug the other day. The response was--and I'm not kidding--'report it on one of the fansites we watch'), I'm not feeling to sanguine about them taking care of problem children and griefers.
Reading this makes me want to hug the DDO servers and GM's (I dislike the GM's mind you)... Wow! Just wow!

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