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Answer in this oldie-thread or im gonna create a new attention-thread on my own :P

Originally Posted by DarthMaulUK
Unfortunately as Vista uses alot of memory to run, this slows down the processes for other things. To make your life easier, before playing the game - turn off any background programs you dont use (next to the clock) and, I suggest turning OFF the Windows Aero Transparency and rebooting - you will experience performance like no other!
Hi Maul, i have hade kind of similar problem long time, no i have windows XP, i have researched this problem in detail for some time and the symphom is allways the same for me. I start up some kind of battleground in the campaign
On the first save i do it takes only 5 sec to write the save, and its the same speed perhaps in 10 straight overwriting saves, but if i continue save around after will slowly start to take longer and longer time for eatch save

means thath if im in a phase where im on my way to complete a mission, i can count to whait 4 minutes for the game to be save by now
if it takes to long for my patient and i press "alt" in combi with <---- button and leave games for windows, and check procces-tree it shows thath the game have stopped responding, and i must kill the procces and the save is lost
So it acts like it can't accept thath i save too mutch in serie, cause the save self-rise..this thou seems to be resetted back to normal save-speed again after eatch new battle and offcorse game restart, and then the stair you dont wanna go up to start to puch you again..

im not 100 % but i think the problem is moore common in ground battles rather than space battles..dont know what thath reveals,

My same folder is on 109 Mb now, thath cant be to mutch right?
my biggest save-file right now lies on 39 Mb, my smallest is on 9 Mb..perhaps if i save in new slots all the time from now could prevent it? but i guess it all depends on if the size gets bigger if you save over existing saves..ore what element now decide how big a safe-file will be?

I have tested to kill some unnessary processes before starting the game yes
have 3 Gb free on C:/ system drive wher saves land
and 7 GB free on the game install directory disc
its the same disc..thei are just splitted

Pentium 3.4 GHz
2 Gb Ram
Geforce 8600 GTS TDH

I have hade this probem on another graphic card to, this problem accually started a year ago at the same time as some earlier EAW-patch than latest was installed, and yes my game is fully patched now
Ok now i am complete emty on info and thauts..but do you have any questions? otherwise my question is..when will George Lucas give us thath patch 1.06?

ITS ONLY EAW of the modern games i posses who saves slow like this, wich are far moore system-hogging than EAW, so we must exclude system-requirment solutions really
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