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Cool Guy Tri other classes esspetialy caunselar

I Have played the KOTOR games many times and have been guardian and caunselar. counselar is the best it can us Force powers like crazy. Try it U wont re-gret it
Originally Posted by Gurges-Ahter
I'm curious if anyone else is like me, and really only has the opportunity & time to play K1 and K2 once, each. Maybe I should pose the question this way - if you could only play one time, which class would you choose?

I chose LS Guardian for K1, and I'm about to start K2 (tomorrow). I can't seem to bring myself to be anything else, so I'm thinking I'll be LS Guardian again for K2, and then choose weapons master.

Sorry to double-post; I just read this post from Padawan. That's an interesting idea... I might just do that for K2. Anyone else have experience with this method? I can really only play one time so I want to make the best of it.
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