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Originally Posted by {GF}lead-menace
and I'm having trouble figureing out where my modem is to open ports, lol, but I'm gonna wait till my dad gets home for some help, I have a netgear so if anyone has on of theses please try and help me out
For the records... you don't need to do anything with ports on your "modem"..... but you do need to make sure the appropriate port forwarding is setup in your router.

For instance, if you are using say port 3000 for remote manager access... you'll need to make sure the router has portforwarding setup for port 3000 so that it sends all that traffic to the ip address of your game-server computer.

it goes something like this....

your friend tries to connect to:
where is the external IP address of your router.

Your router "answers the call" and sees that someone is calling a specific port...port #4000. It looks in it's port-forwarding table (if you've set it up) and sees that any traffic arriving from the internet seeking port 4000 should be sent to your game-server-computer and not mom's kitchen computer which might also be connected to the router.

Basically the router uses the 4000 to know which of your home computers that "call" should be made/forwarded to....

Hope that helps a wee bit...
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