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Alright, probably the last thing you want is a rant from a die-hard Windows user, so I'm sorry...
I think that people have to give Vista more of a chance. I understand the willingness not to "upgrade" to Vista on an XP machine, but I don't understand why people are so afraid of getting it when they get a new computer. There is honestly nothing wrong with it, and to be frank, I give it way higher marks than XP on almost all fronts. Stability, while not bad on XP, is increased. The help system is greatly improved. Windows update couldn't be better now. The UI is cleaner (not only looks better, but it is more functional when browsing through folders). And there are many other features I love.
I am not suggesting that you go and upgrade your XP machine immediately, but rather, don't hesitate to use a Vista machine when you decide you want to buy a new computer. This is just my personal opinion though...

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