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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
The question's possible answers are fairly irrelevant. The point of asking these questions is not necessarily to come up with any specific answer; it is to demonstrate that no answer to them is good enough, no answer explanatory, no answer sufficient.

It's like someone asking you "Do you have a mind?" and you say, "sure." But then the other guy asks you: "well, if you have it, then where is it? Show it to me." Etc. He's not really asking for an answer to where your mind is; he's trying to get you to recognize that a problem exists...

Similarly here: this guy asks these questions because they don't seem to have any good answers-- and they should have good answers, shouldn't they?
Maybe I'm getting misunderstood because of my tendency to use over-pretentious vocabulary. What I'm trying to say here is that they, "intelligent" christians, have no reason to answer these questions from "intelligent" atheists. Since if these atheists were in fact intelligent, they wouldn't be asking these questions.

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