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It's a good thing that I've came back for a long time missing, and this topic is still working on. Heh, I suddenly remembered about "Grim Fandango Lego" idea while thinking of buying LEGO Indiana Jones , and then I decided to go back to this forum to check out if there's anything new. Woah, this topic was on the top.

Deja Vu?

OK back to topic:

To tell the truth, I've been playing LEGO for almost 15 years (since I was 2). If only I have enough amount of Lego in my hand, I could remake scenes from Grim Fandango. IMHO, I don't thing that's too hard.

Maybe I'll mess with MLCad... in a distance future . Student's life is quite busy you know. And moreover, building a LEGO building is taking pretty long time, not even mention that building it on MLCad is even longer (and eyes-hurting too)

Just made it for one month ago.
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