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Originally Posted by -COWB0Y-
i wonder what the whole GDS faction is up to, they came along later on in the mots timeline but some of them were alot of fun and pretty good.


i used to log onto my old icq and see a few names pop up that still used icq, DIK_NiCoDeMuS, DIK_RAGE, GDS_Vaporz, JaG_Fleury, JaG_BuDMaN, JOTS_BigDee

havent logged on in a long time though.

I wonder what the zone MOTS community would have been like with things such as ventrilo or teamspeak.

i can still remember the first zone ban i got.. lol. i was in _2Cool_ at the time and +Deal4U whipped an ip ban on me.. which didnt do much at the time cause hardly anyone had static ips.
Lol, guess whos back

Was talking with some mates at work about games, and thought about Mots, did a search in google and found this thread!!

Hows it going CB, it's been quite a few years mate!! GDS are still around kinda, Venom, Predator (my bro), Maddog, Pik, Crow, Meat all still play games, Buffness and Reaper dabble with the Xbox 360, also Buffness plays the occasional game of Unreal (I think). After Mots most of those guys started playing RTCW, then Call of Duty... I on the other hand couldn't be bothered so just used to come online and chat. But the past few years we've been playing WOW, had a pretty good guild of players called 'Dark Omen', finished most of the end game instances etc, up to Burning Crusade. Some still play that but I just don't have the time for it anymore, very time consuming game as I'm sure you know.

This game was all I played from late 98 to around 2000, got some great memories. I have to say Weapon 8 Gantry with CB, Amer and Reaper... Omg I don't think I have laughed so hard in my life. Being blown so far off the Gantry that I actually hit the outta walls of the entire map LMFAO. I don't think there was 1 occassion where I finished with a positive score lol. I almost ripped my stomach lining from laughing so hard during those games, i'd reinstall Mots just to play that again!!

Would be funny if a few peeps hooked up and played a few old Mots games, I must admit I installed it on my PC a year or so back for a laugh, and it ran stupidly fast, almost to the point of it not being playable. Plus I was awful lol.

If anyone wants to chat, then you can always add me on MSN: Please send a PM to get the email/MSN handle--posting those on the forum encourages spambots. Thanks, Jae

I'll check this thread again in a few weeks and see if anyone has replied, cya for now.

P.S - AMER, who was Rizzo really LOL?


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