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Originally Posted by AckbarNL
I can explain that for you, thay picked the timeline whit intention to not alow jedi in the game, only very few for the real hardcore playerbase whit perment death, but then the playerbase started whining a lot, so thay removed permented death , and from one thing comes another and invested a lot of time intro Jedi's since all the kids wanted to be it...Its not the Timeline thats the problem ...its the Jedi! If thay had no jedi's as playable class or kept in permant death and no futher invesment intro develpment, it would have been a mighty fine game today...hope this explains it
I think they should have a Great Jedi Purge. I played SWG when it first came out and had to quit. I came back and started to play agin about two weeks ago. Thier are way to many Jedi.
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