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"Well if I miss, maybe I should work on my aim!" Tale pointed the weapon at Nymphadora. "Listen! I'm offering my bloody help here so put the God damn knife down!" He paused, took a deep breath and took down his weapon. "There is a reason for everything...but there isn't always a choice, maybe I didn't choose to become a bounty hunter, maybe I did. I don't ask you to trust me, I ask you to let me help you. There are plenty of reasons why I want to help this human, it's the last of the humans, and believe me or not, but I do care. Besides, as I've said before, if I turn him in here, the Tanarians will most likely kill me. But then again, if you don't take me along I'll take my chances of turning him in. I do not ask for trust, nor do I ask for forgiveness, all I'm asking is to let me come along. And in reality I should be mad at you, after all...who left who to die on Taros?"
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