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-]NEA[-|Gaming - The passion of eSport!


this is Lev Arris - Clanleader of -]NEA[-|Gaming.

We are Europe's No. 1 SWBF2-Space-Clan and we're looking for a new tough opponents in Space Combat!

Here are the details:

Clan name: -]NEA[-|Gaming
You can access our Teamspeak Server by using the TS-Viewer.

I am also running the official european Star Wars Battlefront 1+2 Community Website which you may access by prompting the following URLs:

Unfortunately we had a little downtime the last two months but the Site is relaunchning now and its content will be updated step by step.

Our next Project at hand is a European Star Wars Gaming League which we are setting up by the end of this month.
American Online-Fighters are also warmly welcome.

Just step in and have a look!

Sincerely your's

Lev Arris

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