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here is the deal with bao-dur the best thing for a fully corrupted one is this:do all the light side influence things with him to get max influence take the sith lord prestige class (furthers dark side corruption on all party members) and do the infinite dark side point glitch by breaking han harr's will over and over again to get back to full dark side points and make up for the light side shifts with bao-dur if you do this he gets the full face tatts of a dark sider zabrak (sith tattoos) and parts of his face do turn red in between the black (red diamond on fore head red marks on cheeks etc..) after this he is non influence able anyway so just use your full party dark side shift to keep him that way I had every one including the t3 unit max dark side the only one not was the un affectable kriea who stays grey no matter what(RAAAA) hope this helps on that aspect at least
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