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Originally Posted by JoeDoe 2.0
Ps3 is the better system, eh? I'm not a rabid fan boy of the Xbox but here it goes:

Why the Xbox 360 PWNZ ps3 :

-The Online is not free, but $50 bucks is more than worth it
-Major game titles releases almost every month, unlike th ps3
-Has 120 GB capacity ( you may never need that much space anyway)
-Is $50 bucks cheaper than the Ps3, which you can use it for a year of online gaming
-Online Tournaments held basically each month
-Arcade gaming if you want to go old school
-The Wii is much better than the Ps3 too
-Ps3 prices went down at the price of backwards compatibility, one of the good things the system had going for it
-Loading in the Ps3 takes forever

Etc, etc

The only games I would play on it would be Resistance (mediocre), MGS 4, Uncharted (no multiplayer) and Haze.

Thats just my opinion (I don't like Microsoft too much, I just think this console is the best on the market)

But lets get back on topic now plz...
Wii is better then the ps3???
Dude when i wake up and think off what i shall gonna do, i don't really want to do every possible move on morning excersise (i don't know how u spell it) to game, and indeed what the f*ck do you need with 120 gb.

Games now aren't really good but in a few months the ps3 games will arive in many numbers.
Blu ray is the future and ps3 got it now already!!!!!

And the controllers are just 1000x better then those freaky ones with 200 buttons of the Xbox !!!

PS3 Rocks!

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