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Originally Posted by Wildstar
I'd go for the Windows versions, but, unfortunately, I don't know if there is anything available on replacing the sounds in the games.
I know how to do it i think (convert origional midis to wav, copy files from windows version cd to a folder in the hard drive, cut off the ends of the wavs so they match the lengh of the wavs in the origonal windows wavs [optional?], replace the windows wavs with the new ones, burn to cd) the trouble is how slow it is, even with the midis gatekeeper6838 already extracted and utilitys like winapp that convert the midis to wavs and auducity for cutting the lengh off. I think the process is too slowWouldn't it be nice more people did the process for me and others who want to change the sound around. That would take off a whole chunk off the load. Still, seems like a good idea.

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