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Originally Posted by Henz
I don't think Lucasarts is stupid enough to leave KOTOR (and Battlefront for that matter) behind. There will be a third. I think Bioware will make it, using the engine created for Mass Effect.
I can't wait for the Force Unleashed to finally see release; not only to play it, but also to see whats next. It is in heavy focus, and we won't know anything about KOTOR III until that has passed. Hell it might even be already in development.
If its already in development, Bioware is not doing it. They havce expressed interest in doing it but unless they are a bunch of liers, they have not even secured the game for themselves yet. Although I would be very pleased with a Bioware K3. True, until FU is released its unlikely that we will hear anything about the development of K3.

As Sgt. Strike pointed out, GL is probly trying to make the next three movies soon. I'm sure that LA has not forgotten about K3, but all this other stuff keeps coming up and delaying production. With the great success of the first two games, I would be very surprised if LA did not make K3.

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