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I have a few questions. I'm not a modder, but I do use mods. Some mods install great, while others, I have to replace the file that I put into my override directory. Some of those are .2da's. Now, if I use the TSLPatcher, will this combine the .2da files that I have, or do I have to use some other tool to do that? I prefer to know before I try this tool. If needed, I'll download and use Fred Tetra's tool. But if this will do it for me, I'll use it. Anyway, I think that those who make mods are doing a good thing, and also you all keep up the good work.

*Edit* The reason I'm asking is because I have some mods that have some of the same files, and I prefer either combining them, or even editing one to have aspects of the other. I'll make a new thread telling you all what mods I am using, which may help you all, as well.

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