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Path To Darkness

Name: Garrett Aludeí (Al-Ood-Ay)
Age: 16
Height: 6í2
Hair Type: medium long, spiked
Hair color: black
Body Type: skinny, semi-muscular
Physical Features: scar down right eye, robotic right hand, tattoo on neck
Lightsaber Color: blue

Bio: Garrett was born on The Intrepid, a star cruiser thatís purpose was for nursing the wounded soldiers of war back to health, so even at a very young age Garrett was introduced to death and suffering.

When he was 13 there was an attack on the ship, the enemy had learned what the cruiser was being used for so they boarded it and started to kill everyone onboard.

That was the day that Garrett learned of his gift, he was able to defend against them by pushing them backwards, hitting them with bolts of lightning, pulling their weapons out of their hands and choking them.

Garrett didnít know it but there was a sith amongst the raiders, he fought Garrett, putting a scar on his eye and finally he had knocked Garrett unconscious and he took him back to his master, Darth Scord.

Garrett was trained in the ways of the sith under Darth Scord until he was 15. A group of Jedi came and killed all of the sith, including Darth Scord but one of the Jedi was on the ship with Garrett and recognized him, so they took Garrett back to the Jedi temple with them.

Garrett was one of the more gifted students but he had a very dark edge to his fighting style and they would have to constantly remind him not to use the dark force powers. Garrett was assigned to Master Chris Jameson.

One day Garrett and Chris were assigned to investigate a report of sith activity near the planet Avys 2, when they landed on the swamp planet they found that there was the sith lord, Darth Sylvanios.

The two Jedi engaged Darth Sylvanios, in the middle of the fight Garrett was thrown back and while Chris was caught off guard, Sylvanios stabbed him. In a burst of anger and rage Garrett charged at Sylvanios and they fought for 10 minutes before Sylvanios cut off his hand, but in the end Garrett killed Sylvanios and escaped the planet.

Garrett looked to his left for a split second and saw that Chris was still holding up the attack, the two blue lightsabers that the Jedi possessed whirling and colliding with the red saber that belonged to the sith lord that they were fighting. Garrett felt a strong push against his body and was thrown back by the sith's force power. Chris looked back to see what had happened and was sent to the ground in a flurry of red light....

Garrett shot upright in his bed, he was breathing hard and was sweating profusely. He got up and pulled on his undershirt with the sleeves cut off at his shoulders so that his muscular arms showed, he then pulled on a loose pair of pants and walked out into his small apartments living room.

Garrett thought he might have company because he let all of his close friends have a key to his apartment, he waved his hand at the wall and the lights turned on.
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