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I don't really get people who say it is strange to think that animated characters are attractive because they are just 'pixels'. I, personally, judge an animated characters 'attractiveness' not by their appearance within the medium, but what they would look like translated into reality.

When I think of the characters like that, I don't think of them as computer images, but living, breathing people. Who, admittedly happen to be imaginary.


I <3 Mission forever!
Her character and personality blow the others away, she is one of the most developed characters of KotOR (Other than Kreia, and possibly G0-T0).
I agree with RedHawke. If the choice had been available, I would have picked Mission, because frankly, her personality blows the other female KotOR 1 characters away. (Also, on the underage note, Mission doesn't look fourteen by any means. Doesn't she share the same body type as the rest of the 'adult' female characters? )

My second choice, and the one I ended up voting for, was Visas Marr. While you really couldn't see much of her face, what you could see was very pretty, and she had a great voice, and I loved her backstory.

There's one thing that I've always wondered about Visas, though. Visas is blind, and to the best of my knowledge, she and the Exile never had any close physical contact. So, following that line of thought, I think it's fairly safe to assume that her attraction to him had to have been based on his personality, and the bond that they shared through the Force, not gender or appearance.

So why didn't she feel the same about the female Exile?

On one last note:

Oh, yeah. Carth so wins. Bao-Dur gets a close second - gotta love a guy who knows his way around power tools. Canderous is a bit too much a barbarian, Atton gives me the creeps, and Mical is they MEAN to make him look like Prince Charming outta Shrek?
"I killed her for crawling in my head, for showing me that. But before she opened her mind to mine, my only thought was that I would love to kill her. And at the end, I killed her because I loved her."

"Do not discount me - I can do whatever task you ask, kill anyone you want to prove myself. You have only to name it."

Now what could possibly be wrong with that, hmm?
Atton is not creepy!

...Alright, maybe a little creepy. But he does try, and I really think, at least for the light side path, that Atton has changed from the person he was then. That's one major reason why he is both my favorite KotOR 2 character, and why I hate playing the dark side for TSL.

After being shown the Force, Atton had enough goodness in him, even then, to recognize and care about the repercussions of his actions. And beyond that, you have to recall that the exact circumstances surrounding the Jedi woman's death were never disclosed. Atton is clearly riddled with guilt over the whole thing, and guilty people are not likely to speak rationally or clearly about the cause of their aforementioned guilt.

To take someone who had been trying so hard to redeem themselves, and drag them back into the darkness...

Well, suffice it to say I usually end up feeling horribly guilty.
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