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Originally Posted by Sgt. Strike
I have a few questions. I'm not a modder, but I do use mods. Some mods install great, while others, I have to replace the file that I put into my override directory. Some of those are .2da's. Now, if I use the TSLPatcher, will this combine the .2da files that I have, or do I have to use some other tool to do that?
TSLPatcher is capable of adding new lines/columns or editing existing lines in 2DA files already present in the override folder, but it needs to be configured to do so. Depending on what 2DA file it is and what changes has been done to it this can be a mostly painless process. The config utility can compare two 2DA files and create patch instructions of the differences between them, though in many cases you need to manually tweak some of these instructions to insert dynamic values or links to dynamic values in other files (using StrRef ad 2daMemory tokens).

The TSLPatcher is mostly intended as something a mod maker can use to make it easier to dodge some types of mod compatibility issues for the mod users. Since you need some knowledge of how the mod is built and how things fit together (to be able to link things properly) it may be hard to use as a compatibility tool for players with a mod that wasn't shipped with it.

If you just want to merge some 2DA files there is a 2DA Converter utility which can do this instead more easily (it takes 2 modified 2DA files and one unaltered copy of the same 2DA file, compares them and put the changes in the two files together into one file). You still need to be aware of how the 2DA files are used by the game though, since some lines in 2DA files are referenced by line number, and if the line number changes you need to update all places that point to that line as well.

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