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Thank you Stoffe for that. I think I may have to write to all the bloody modders, and ask them to please up date their mods, and to use the TSLPatcher, so that us players can install the mods, and not have to worry about compatibility issues between one mod and the next. The next, biggest, mod problem I have is some of the .ncs files are the same. I am debating to install the mods that have those same things, or even put certain things into separate directories, and and keeping the major stuff in the main override directory. That may eliminate some minor problem with those files.

As a side note, this is not really a complaint against you modders, but something to keep an eye out for. I love all the mods I have, and I would like to use them all, just that some aren't fully compatible with each other. But, again, keep up the good work, and please try to use the TSLPAtcher, as it makes life easier all around.

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