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Official Jedi Knight:Dark Forces II mod for jk2

Hello all!
The Dark Forces 2 mod is officialy for jk2 is starting!
I am making this mod because the people don't have jk2 can't play the one for jk3.Currently the team leader is me and 2nd in command is Venket or Hunter612.
Anyway this will be the forum for the df2mod or jk2.

Also,why we are doing this because the first jedi knight in the jedi knight series lacks the feeling of realness.
And also the story is so awesome and it deserves detailed levels and detailed everything.And also the jedi knight dark forces 2 is harder to mod when it comes to detail.And jk2 is great and fun to mod.
Thank you and any other people who want to join the mod please email me at:
Thank You justin chin for dark forces 2!

Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 Mod Project Leader and Console and PC Gamer
Games i'm looking forward to:
-Red Faction Guerrilla
-Fallout New Vegas
-Diablo 3
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