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Originally Posted by Sgt. Strike
TSLPatcher, so that us players can install the mods, and not have to worry about compatibility issues between one mod and the next. The next, biggest, mod problem I have is some of the .ncs files are the same. I am debating to install the mods that have those same things, or even put certain things into separate directories, and and keeping the major stuff in the main override directory.
The problem is that the way the KOTOR game uses to store game data and assets isn't really well adapted for mods and making things from different sources play nice with each other. Some problems can be mitigated with utilities like TSLPatcher, but it's not a universal solution to all kinds of mod compatibility problems. Some things, like scripts, cannot easily be automated to provide compatibility. Using mods for Kotor will never be as beginner friendly as it is for other games that have been designed with 3rd party modding in mind.

In the case of scripts you'll either need to merge them by hand, or choose what mod you prefer the most if several modify the same standard game scripts. Merging them by hand usually isn't all that hard if you got the script compiler and basic knowledge about how to use it, if the mod makers have documented the changes they've done to the scripts. But it does require some modding knowledge.

There isn't much modders can do about this other than avoid modifying the standard scripts whenever possible, and document what they have changed when it's unavoidable.

Just putting scripts with the same name in different sub-folders will not solve the compatibility problems. The game can only use one resource of each type with a particular ResRef, so only one of the scripts would be used while the others are ignored.

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