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Name: Lynx Aleone
Age: 15
hair type: hip length jet black straight
body type: medium muscular
Height: 5'5
pyhsical features: white tattoos across shoulders running down arms, scars running down spine, scars on legs, scars on arms

Bio: Born on Tatooine and sold to slave trade Lynx was a slave for many years until at age 6 was bought by a bounty hunter, originally she was to serve as a servant manage his equipment and such but during a job her master saw she was quick with a blaster and barely missed a shot, her master thought he found a skilled slave but Lynx was just learning her powers.

At age 10, only four years with the bounty hunter her master was killed on the job leaving Lynx trapped on a world. She was later picked up by a jedi by the name of Tirone, she trained under him for the next few years until she woke up to find him missing from there apartments.
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