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She laughed "i spent most days with no rest working my arse off before i came here" she wrose gracefully from the couch and turned to look at him "get some rest mate, don't dwell in the past it only hurts, and remeber you promised you wont go back" she picked up his hand and squeezed it in place of a hug then she turned and left the apartments.

She returned to her own and left her robe on a chair by the door. She walked over to the windows and flipped the panel to let moonlight flood her apartment. She stood for a moment bathed in the luminescent glow her worry filling her mind to the breaking point. She let her eyes fall shut and cleared her mind she would save such worries for the next day. closing the windows shutters she went to her room she would need rest for the next day, she laid down with intentions to sleep but none came.
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