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Name: Todin Phouloute (Also Darth Marauder, former apprentice of Darth Sylvanios. This is unknown to most)
Age: 17
Height: 6'7
Hair Type: Short
Hair Color: Black
Body Type: Very Muscular
Physical Features: Face and body covered in scars, torso and neck have black, Sith tatoos.
Lightsaber color: Fake: Blue, Real: Red

Bio: Todrin was born on the Sith world Korriban because both of his parents were Dark Jedi who wanted to learn more of the ancient Sith, so took up residents in one of the tombs. At the age of five, Todrin killed his parents and was found by a Sith Lord name Darth Sylvanios. Todrin became very powerful under his master. One day when Todrin was 16, he and his master where on Avys 2 when his master told him he had foreseen his death that day. He gave Todrin one last assignment, to kill his murderer. Todrin was also told to keep hidden so he would be able to live. Todrin watched the battle and waited for the surviving jedi to leave. He then set off and found what he was looking for, a lone jedi. He then killed him and took his equipment so he would be able to infultrate the jedi. He had learned from his former master to hide his true self from others, even Jedi masters. When he found were his target lived, he joined the Jedi and rented an appartment next door to his target's. While he lived there, he made good friends with Garrett, who even gave him a key to his appartment.

Todrin awoke to Garrett's screaming and knew they were having the same dream. He got up and put on his robes, then saw Lynx walking into Garrett's appartment and ran to her room, slipping inside before the door closed. He sat in a dark corner and waited. She returned a while later and he sat still. She didn't notice him, not even when he went into her room after her and watched her. He knew she was the enemy, but he felt as though he was in love with her. He smiled and left, walking back to his room. He laid down in his bed and closed his eyes. He dreamt of a future that couldn't possibly happen, a future with children.
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