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I don't get it. How come I edited my profile five times, and only got back four of them...
/trails off

Now, down to business. My drilling questions:

1. Windu(are you also bald?), is the council still on Coruscant? I thought it was at Yavin 4(see my sig). Oh, wait, you're part of the Old Republic, aren't you?

2. I can understand Qui-Gon and Maul, but why are Amidala, Sebulba, and 3PO there? And why aren't Luke or Obi-Wan up there? And besides that, this is 'bout Kataryn(sp?), so why isn't he up there?

3. What is that spinning thing to the left?

4. Why is it all in red?

5. Like the new design; went overboard with the red, though, didn't you...


I need a new sig...
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