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Curse of Monkey Island issue (Small Spoilers)

So i'm at the part with the barbers, and im trying to get the pirate you duel with the banjo. Now i've played this game through many times and never got stuck here before. I have vista now so that might have something to do with it. When I go to duel him he does his set and when it comes turn to do mine, I start going through and doing the same notes as his. This is the weird part; he'll interrupt me saying "Can't keep up?" or something like that and I have to try again. He'll even interrupt me before I can choose a string.
I've hosted the save file and was wondering if anyone could beat this part for me and then save so I can just continue the game. I've been playing using ScummVM so thats the file format. Thanks for the help!

File: Save Game
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