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On the way out Garrett heard the man sputter out "I used to have a slave just like you, FREAKS THE LOT OF YA!" Garrett turned around and looked into the mans face, this was the slave trader that Lynx had described "you are the one who held Lynx" Garrett muttered "yeah I did, too bad I let her go, she was useful" Garrett's left hand instantly shot out towards the man and lightning bolts shot down all on his body, he let out a scream and started to writhe around on the ground in pain, the electric bolts jumping and darting around on his skin, starting to wrinkle and age it, little holes started to form in his skin and blood leaked out, Garrett finally drew his lightsaber and sliced the mans head off to end his suffering. He stormed out of the cantina is a storm of anger and rage.
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