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Garrett saw Lynx but knew there was now no turning back, it was now kill or be killed. All three of the lightsabers came down on him at the same time and he blocked all of them with one movement of his lightsaber, his knees buckled under the force of the three Jedi pushing down on his lightsaber, but he quickly felt himself fill with a new strength and pushed all of them off, then quickly spun his saber behind his back and chopped one of the Jedi in half, he sensed a lightsaber coming towards his back and his left hand quickly shot backwards sending the Jedi crashing into the wall. Garrett then quickly exchanged multiple blows with the Jedi that talked to him out of the three, the Jedi he had thrown back ran at him with his Lightsaber raised over his head and Garrett quickly backstepped and stabbed him in the chest and with that same fluid motion blocked a hit from the remaining Jedi, they were locked in a power struggle, fighting for who would push who's Lightsaber to the ground but Garrett's free hand shot bolts of lightning into the Jedi's legs which sent him falling to the ground. Garrett lifted his ligtsaber vertical of the Jedi's back and plunged it down killing the man.
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