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A comic I've written - criticism appreciated!

I wrote this comic last night. Well I try drawing them too but I'm not very good at it yet. If anyone wants to draw these, go ahead, but credit me for writing =P

Anyways, I don't know if anyone's read of Jack Thompson's latest social suicide, in which he told a mother she should be ashamed of herself because her son is the CEO of Take-Two, aka the publishers of GTA IV.

So I wrote this comic last night. I learned a lot from it, too.

I'll draw it if anyone likes it, even if I still need to practice; I'll also post more if they're popular. Criticise the hecks out of the writing though.

Tell me if it's hard to read this.

[1] Jack Thompson's Crusade

First panel:

Nobody liked me when I was a child.

Boy, angry:
Jack, just stop eating your boogers and we'll let you play with us.

Jack (young):
But they're so creamy!

I never understood why.

Second panel:
I make-up for it these days.

[There is a fat bum, and Jack Thompson in a dress and a lot of make-up. He sports enormous breasts, with most of the cleavage exposed.]

Jack (prostitute):
I'm cheap, baby. Just give me 15 minutes of your attention and I'll do everything you want.

And you say you learned it all from Nintendo?

Third panel:
And now, I'm finally here.

In Paris.

[Jack Thompson in a straitjacket, smiling; he is in the mental ward]

Paris is AMAZING!

My life is complete.

Blah =P I guess it isn't any good then.

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