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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Vremya, Opyat' "Time, Again"

After TSL: Sequel to "One Gift, Five Destinies", How much does your companion need to know?

You used the term half-so, which confused me when I first read it. Partially would have been better.

Not as good as the last few, kid, but nicely done.

Teh End, or The Party's Over

KOTOR On Taris: The end of the "I'm Here for the Party" series, The escape from Taris, and our hero is still kvetching…

The primary problem I had with this one was it was too short. The piece fits in with the rest, and is amusing to read.


Light Side Female Revan

Birthday Cake

KOTOR On Tatooine: A surprise birthday party has some unexpected side effects…

The piece is nicely done, and just fluffy enough to be enjoyable.

There are Gizka
Aster Corbett

KOTOR Enroute to Dantooine: When in doubt, compose a poem?

The piece is well done, fluffy and cute.

Sorry, though, just not to my tastes.

Light Side Female Exile

Data Packets of Love
Raven Chick123

TSL after Nar Shaddaa: Did she really see it?

The piece was sort of silly, and fun to read. Nicely done and leaving you wondering if it was true.

Pick of the week

A double eternity

Originally posted March 9th 2007, original review below:

Set two or more years after TSL: Carth and Atton limp toward Manaan expecting to find their Jedi lovers and discover so much more.

Minor word use problems mainly in terms. Calling a Selkath ‘man’. The writing is a bit stilted but that is what editing and proofreading is for. Other wise well done,

Note on Canon: The only ones we see use telepathy are Kreia, the Exile and Mira during one scene. The Force bond between Revan and Bastila were never explained as telepathy, only that they would ‘know’ what the other was thinking about. So I don’t know if this would really fit into the canon.

Reprise Pick of the Week.

I will not forget
Aminta Jae

Originally posted March 9th 2007, original review below:

Approximately five years after TSL: With both of their men at war; Revan and the Exile recieve the worst news any woman in that position can receive. Companion piece to we change for those we love.

The style is excellent, the scene crisp and clear. The reaction by both women and children as clear as if they were our own families. This piece cannot be praised enough.

Reprise Pick of the Week

First Few Steps
Lady of Arrakis

TSL after Nar Shaddaa: One word can push all the wrong buttons…

The piece was good, though you had some word usage problems. Read instead of red, that kind of thing. Nothing that rereading and editing won’t cure.

The reason behind her problem is excellently portrayed, the way Atton reacts to the tale charming. The end is humorous as well.

Pick of the week.

Undivided Attention

TSL after Nar Shaddaa: The things you do to calm a friend down…

The piece has some funny twists, the idea of not having such an obvious place for him to keep the family jewels just the most obvious. Having him get blindsided was my favorite scene.

A Timeless Moment
Drask Damak

TSL Nar Shaddaa after Atton’s revelation: Take a chance Atton!

The piece is well written, a choice vignette with an excellent name.

Pick of the Week.

Revan’s Pet Duck

TSL After Dantooine: The Disciple wishes to more that the knight sans per, sans reproache…

The piece is an interesting view from within the Disciple’s mind. The unrequited love is well portrayed.


TSL Aboard Goto’s Yacht: A bit of tit for tat between the Exile and Atton.

An interesting piece, with a lot of fun attached. Very well done.

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