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In the end, does it really matter? I mean, seriously, all Christianity (or any religion, for that matter) preaches is be a good person. I've never understood why so many people attatch dogma to such a simple concept. I realize that some of it comes from wanting to believe that there is some sort of 'higher being' that watches over you and keeps you safe, but why build an entire belief (in some cases, government) around such a intangible thing?

I believe it comes from fear; to be more precise, the fear of death. After years of toiling and suffering in life, spending eternity in a hollowed out oak box doesn't come off as well as 'spending eternity in paradise with God by your side'. Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to spend my eternity in said box, but without tangible evidence of the contrary, how am I to believe that anything else exists for me? And don't start with the whole 'but many near-death people have seen the pearly gates and blah blah' stuff either. To me, thats simply the mind easing the consciousness into nothingness. I don't know why the mind would do that, or why it would reveal others a fiery inferno, and I don't really care. I'll care when I see either things. Which reminds me, where in the world did Hell get this description of a lake of fire and everlasting torment at the hands of demons? Isn't Hell actually just seperation from God? To me, thats the 'holier than thou' people trying to scare children into their flock.

In any case (and a bit more on topic), I would like to pose another question that I feel all Christian's must answer: Why are you right? Why aren't the Jews (whose religion laid the foundation for yours) right? Why aren't the Muslims (who acknowledge your religion but lay claim to the 'true prophet) right? Why weren't the Greeks or the Romans or the Egyptians right?
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