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Hi all. Nubsauce player here.

Name: In'ar Serr (Nars'serrh with home-clan spacing and speech - long story involving too much to drink and a malfunctioning vocoder on a protocol droid. Needless to say, the "In (faint hiccup) ar" version of the name has stuck.)

Faction: None yet. Aiming for Alliance.

Class: Spy (lowbie, lowbie spy)

Race: Twi'lek

Guild: N/A - looking for heavy RP

Pilot: Not so much yet

As I said, I am nubsauce for this game, but my household did beta test back in the day. The game's changed radically so I am getting my bearings all over again.

Cheers for the lovely forums!

"I am woman; see me game
You and I are much the same

I can roleplay, I can frag
I can P-kill while you lag
I can strafe and duck and snipe
(And no, you're not my type)

This is one shrew you cannot tame
I am woman; see me game" - S. Kurtz
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