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I believe reasons for genocide of entire towns etc were similar to the reasons of even noble heroes such as Tassadar for wiping out entire human colonies at the beginning of the Terran Campaign. Sometimes the problems associated with a group of people grown deep into perversion and violence are so deeply ingrained that its best to start over as in Fahrenheit 451. Keep in mind there are examples in the Old Testament where before a town is demolished God arranges for the escape of the few good people that are in the area (Lot and Rahab and their families come to mind even though Rahab was supposedly a harlot, she was still held in regard). These were uber pagan groups such as Baal and Molech worshipers who are known for laying children as the foundation of buildings and other forms of child sacrifice. It wasn't simply a fight for land either, the Bible also recounts how an overzealous section of Israel wipes out a peaceful settlers around the region of Canaan and they were dealt with and cursed for this action.


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