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Originally Posted by Achilles

This doesn't explain how or why an omnibenevolent and omnipotent god isn't able to avoid the slaughter of innocents.

According to what source? The bible?

Seems that not even his chosen people found the arguments for his existence very persuasive
Sorry the first part was a Starcraft reference :P. If it was just this physical body that existed and the slaughter of innocents would be their final end then I concede to your point, but there is also the spiritual life that goes on after this, God looks not just at how to prolong and make these temporary shells as happy as possible. Obi-Wan let Vader strike him down so he could serve a greater purpose in a more powerful way :P. As to the sources of Molech and Baal worshipers, these include the Bible and many others such as classical Greek and Roman texts, a quick wiki of Molech and Baal can confirm this. As to the overzealous Israelites, maybe, but they were also plain idiots and terrorists of peaceful communities.


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